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Drag and Drop-Virtual Reality

From CAD to VR in a matter of minutes


Export your 3D scene

Lightscape VR supports the most common 3D interchange Formats, such as FBX, 3DS and OBJ.


Drag onto Lightscape

Drag your 3D-file onto the Lightscape application window. Lightscape will handle the conversion for you and it will do it fast.


Enjoy your Virtual Reality

Explore your 3D scenes and models using VR headsets, or a big sceen and a game controller. Whatever you choose, it's fun and it's impressive. 

Lightscape VR is available for Windows 10 and MacOS.

Export your model. Drag and drop on Lightscape VR. It will handle everything, and it will do it fast.

Turn your 3D Scenes into an interactive experience

Lightscape VR allows you to present your 3D scenes and models in a whole new way, turning a presentation into a journey of discovery for your customers.

Millions of Polygons

Highly optimized engine displays extremely detailed models at smooth framerates. Up to 10 million polygons per scene depending on hardware.

Supports Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Plug in your headset and you are ready to go. Lightscape VR supports both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift including Oculus Touch.


Billmann Event GmbH

Creating interactive and high-end experiences for high-profile customers, Billmann is using Lightscape VR to provide their clients with ready to use VR installations.

Habermaass GmbH

Best known for brands such as HABA, Jako-O and others, Habermaass-owned company Wehrfritz GmbH is using Lightscape VR as a sales tool.

Being able to present individually planned room and furniture layouts to their customers in VR is invaluable in creating a sales story and adding customer value.

Request a demo

Interested in a demonstration of what Lightscape can do for you? Please call or write! We will be happy to provide you with all the answers.

Thank you for your message! We will reply as soon as possible.

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Export your model. Drag and drop onto Lightscape VR. Enter virtual reality.
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